Birthday coming up - DIY

Sam is soon 4 years old, when he was around 6 months, Tellkiddo was born so that means that Tellkiddo is soon also 4 years old. Times fly and it's amazing how much these years has changed our life. We moved to a slow living lifestyle away from the stressful main city two years ago (even if I can miss it sometimes) it feels right now like the right thing to give our kids. But this move has also been a big sacrifice as we don't see our friends so much any more even if many of them come and visit us during the summer, its not the same thing on a Saturday evening like this when we used to hang out with our friends. But to see the kids run around in our garden, building snow castles, it confirms that this is the place we should be right now. 

Today Sam and me did birtday cards from his paintings that he made during the year. It became a nostalgic event and so fun to acually do something with the palette of art he has created. I made stensils out of my font and we cut the letters "together".

Update from the boys new room

Somedays I feel that I have not done or accomplished anything, but when I think about it I have done so much anyway, this day is one of those days. Working before lunch in the new office (so nice to have an office nowadays) and after that an inspiring session about e-commerce and social media.

Also today it´s valentines, we dont celebrate this day much in our family, giving love everyday is more important I think, but the boys got a sweet card from their grandma in the post box and some sweet new stuffies came from Main Sauvage for a coming photoshoot with the new Tellkiddo range. 

Both Sam and Micha stole the stuffed cuties instantly (like always) and now have them as thier babies, if they want to, they will be good parents one day.

I wanted to share some more pictures of the boys room now when the light is fair agian when we come home after kindergarden (finally soon even brighter in Sweden again) but as always the lack of sun was a bit hard on me. But here you have a photobomb of thier new bedroom with more details.

I´m so inlove with the boys colletion of stuffed animals, from BigStuffedMain Sauvage, LuckyBoySunday and Lauvely all small designers like me. Friends I have made via fairs and Instagram. I love supporting my friends and thier businesses, we all should support small if we can.
Our beddings you can find here


Micha reading for the new babies and he is all into big trucks so no other book then the one about cars and machines of course. 

We have a few art pieces in the room, one from a (soon) well known my friend Ullrika who sells at Beton and one from Emilia Ilke 
And all the storage we can't live without, the ABC i designed is now Sams favorite, starting to identify all the letters makes my heart warm, they can use the storage in multiple ways. 

So the light started to fade and it was time to start the evening routine.
Thank you for reading all the way down here. 

Happy Valentines

Writing this from the car driving home from visiting family in south of Sweden (I´m not the one driving ;). Anyhow, I together with Sam did some valentine cards this morning while waiting on the cousins to arraive. Tiny hands are the cutest and found this idea over at Lobster and Swan who was inspired by Katryn Zaremba. Sam thought it was a fun idea as he always want me to trace his hand on a paper for him to color later. So pen, papers and some clue made this easy cards for him to give to those he loves.

Happy Valentines!

Room makeover and a box bed

As the winters are so long in Sweden and the sun disappears already at 3pm, we decided to do a makeover of the boys room, take away my beloved dark blue wallpaper and do a lighter room. We are not totally done with the room yet ( I don´t ever get that feeling in any room of the house, we change stuff all the time, to the joy of my husband...). But now its more or less done, stlll having that clean and new feeling. You know, before the invasion of chaos and mayhem (Sam and Micha).

So bye bye blue wall: 

The paint we used is from Auro, an ecological paint, containg no chemicals what so ever, does not smell anything and doesn't contain any plastic. It gives a nice matt look and it was so fun that the boys could help me paint without having the feeling they breathe in harmful substances. I can really recomend Auro.

We picked some spring colors, Micha is painting the blue wall with Light Patricia and Sam is painting with Sidenväveriet and thier sweather is an old t-shirt I cut open in the back with a scissor. Im very happy about the paint result, the room got that calm feeling I wanted. And the wall with the color sidenväveriet changes color depending on how the light comes into the room during the day. Like this: 



The Box Beds 
We wanted to optimize the space in the room by having smaller beds along one wall, I could not find any on the market with the right size and look so I decided to build them instead (Thank you dad and Jossi for the help, could not have done this without you). The boys really love thier new beds. We used 12 mm plywood and another "cheaper" MDF for the base. And the wheels are perfect to move the beds when it's time to clean the floor or just want to move them in the room. We bought mattresses and cut them to fit the bed. 

See instructions on how we built the beds. I have not included the size in the instruction as we did the beds to fit the size of the room and not standard beds, but ours are 148 cm long and 90 cm wide, and what I understand a child up to 7 years can sleep in that size.

On the other side of the room we need to fix a lamp, a rug and the prints need to come up on the wall, made by my friend Ulrika. We will also build a small table so the boys have a space where they can sit and create small art pieces.

And don´t worry, all the toys now live in Michas old room instead, like a play room. So that thier bedroom will be a calm and relaxing place for them, not to much toys and stuff, more books and stuffed cuties.

And I have to tell you about my special find, I love when companies really make a difference and manage to do beautiful products. I found this company called Ecobirdy, on thier Instagram thier furniture are well presented. Basically they collect old plastic toys and remake them into furniture. And no harmful chemicals are left, only a well made piece of interior, so smart. I´m so in love with this little chair. 

Hope you enjoyed this little summary of the the room so far. 

Happy weekend.


Cardboard Animals - DIY

Perfect sunday DIY, environment friendly with only stuff you have at home and recycled cardboard.

You need:
Cardboard (I used an old shoe box)
Paint (you dont need to paint if you dont want to)

I prepared the pieces this morning, as our kids don't have that level of patience yet, to cut, paint, wait and then create the animals. They just had to do the last part which was perfect for them, create imaginary animals. 

Above is one of the bears we created

Pieces cut out from an old shoe box then painted.

Noses, eyes, ears and smaller parts to glue on the bunny and bear. 


Also a smaller crown, they really loved those. 




Paper Birds - DIY

Thought I was going to give you a small DIY tip, I made this for a photoshoot but it has become one of my favorite decor details in the kidsroom. Took some time to make, but with a little help of Youtube, how to fold the birds, it was pretty simple to make many. 

I used colors of the paper I tought would match together and it turned our pretty well. Here are some pictures from when we made them, used in this seasons photoshoot but also in the boys bedroom as a small detail. 


Birthday prep

It´s time to prep for birthday in this house again. I don´t remember where I found this treasury idea, but a combination with birthday celebration this feels so right as birthday invitations for our friends far away. Hope you also like it.






Where to begin? First blog post...

I guess you found your way to our site via some sort of social media, so maybe you already know a bit about me and Tellkiddo or maybe you just got the awareness we exist and like to know a bit more, either way you are very welcome.

My name is Maria Sabbah, I started Tellkiddo 2014 during my first maternity leave. From the early stage at building our business I decided to do it transparent, meaning we share a lot of what we do via Instagram, on @tellkiddo and on our new account @tell.mariasabbah where we share a bit more about us.

Some basics about me/us: I live together with my husband, two kiddos and two cats. We live in a house in Sweden on an island called Gotland.

We are traveling a lot to Stockholm in work, but finds it very interesting to be able to run a global company via a small place like Gotland. As we are a family company we love to have the opportunity to be closer to nature now when our kids are small and don’t have the need of a main city.

The inspiration for Tellkiddo comes from our kids, Sam and Micha.



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