Lovely photoshoot of our range by Merrilee Liddiard

I love to work with small independent brands, I have done so from the start with Tellkiddo. This time Merilee Liddiard did a photoshoot with her brand alongside our brand and products. I'm so impressed by her handmade dolls and how she captures dreamy spaces.  

Photos by Shannon

In the picture are: 
Cubbie in natural (currently out of stock but back soon) here you find Cubbie in pink
Big PLAY bag in pink
The little play bag 
Big TOYS paper bag

New print in the Tellkiddo family

Endless of creativity options with this new print. It comes in two sizes. Have it like it is for all you minimalist design lovers, or paint the letters in your favorite color. Remember I wrote about we often start by learning the capital letters but it’s the small ones we use the most. With some inspiration from our own family life at the moment this print was born. 

Fint it here: abc print

What will you create? Or do you like to have it like it is? 


Get to know our Instagram friend @petiteslunes

Third one out in this small interview series, we get to know Emilie from Montreal who has a good eye to interior and color combinations. Check out her instagram account here @petiteslunes and get to know her a little bit more here below. 

Who makes you a parent?

Charlotte my eldest daughter soon to be 5 years old and the little latest Odette who's 18 months.

Tell us about your home? What makes it a home you think?
We got our first house five years ago, a little 60's bungalow in the suburbs. It's slowly taking form in the vision we had when we first entered it, but interior design isn't what makes it a home. The fact that we became a family here to two incredible kids and of course our pets make it a home forever.

Do you have a favorite room in the house? What makes it so special? 

I don't actually. We needed to adjust our living space so much in the last five years that I feel like we have no finished room, if a room can be. My daughters bedroom is probably where I feel the most relaxed, among the toys explosion.

Now when the second season of “The handmaids tail” has launched with one episode per week, training our patience. Any other favorite streaming series you have at the moment?
We don't really have time to really follow a TV serie these days but I can't wait for the next season of Walking Dead (me and my zombies).

Who are the top 3 Instagrammers in your community right now?
Right now, I don't want to look like a stalker but I really get inspiration from @finelittleday, @swantjeundfrieda, @minimockspetra & @bloggaibagis. They are all such an inspiration for me on a daily basis.

Thank you so much Emlilie for letting us get to know you a bit better /Maria

Build a business via Instagram - 8 tips

This small advice below is from an intervew I did a few weeks back. It's 8 small tips about social media and how to get started if you like to build your business with the help of Instagram. Its very basic and mainly for beginners. The Swedish version you can find here

Tellkiddo started 2014, with a strong motivation to change life style. Its been a big change and all focused on our little family, those of you following us on Instagram and have done so since start know what I'm talking about. We still work many hours a day but the structure is different now. We changed it from working many hours a day and seeing our kids just a few hours to now having family in the center of our life and work comes on second place and not the other way around, breiefly illustrated in this picture.

1 - Be unique 
Presence on Instagram is built on frequency, with new posts everyday. To be able to maintain the proper presence you need to build your brand around an imagery that you really like and enjoy working with.

“We have built a very personal style, with pictures taken from our house. You should be able to feel that there are actual people behind our account but we also mix it with photos of our lovely consumers spaces”

2. Algorithm
Only post the best and most relevant to your target group to get a high engagement and to make the algorithm increase your reach on your post. Earlier, a picture would live for around 70minutes, now with the updated algorithm, a post can live for up to 6 days.

“This makes that our content live longer. If you wish your followers a good morning and they see it at 6pm, it’s not relevant anymore, so aim for content that isn’t old after a day. And remember the algorithem changes all time. Instagram is testing it to optimize the experiense for us. It might not be the same version I see on instagram that my frinds sees. Its called A/B testing.”

3. Be consistent
Set a strategy for the content of your posts – and how often they should be published. Then stick to this strategy. If you post 3 times a day, then you should stick to that pace.

“Your followers should like you for who you are, and will later expect you to be like that”

4. Find your own strategy
Post your images when your followers are active on the platform, it’s possible to see these statistics if you have a company profile. Instagram is a community built on our social interactions with each other.

“You don’t have to be afraid to spam with posts as not all your followers will see the content. Try your way forward, if you notice that you lose followers if you post 3 times per day, try posting less, maybe every other day. Find your own strategy that works for you"

5. Good images 
Instagram is of course about the images. Mobile cameras are nowadays so good that they make the cut.

“We have taken a more personal way, instead of just showing the product as it is, we show different rooms and situations in our life."

6. Hashtags
Hashtags can carry an enormous power, so follow the trends within your category. Find the right hashtag and use them to raise your posts.

“also use a hashtag for your own brand, we have and use #Tellkiddo, which enables the customers to tag their images with our products”

 “earlier you should have had 30 hashtags in the first comment, but now it’s all about relevant posts and finding creative hashtags that support your business. Write them integrated in your image text, to be able to benefit from the follow # feature"

7. Cooperate
Many subcultures on Instagram have tight networks containing engaged creative people and followers. Get to know them, by for example starting to comment on their posts.

“Cooperate with another company or person that you feel does something good.”

8. Increase your account

Instagram algorithm has become more like Facebooks. All posts are not shown to all followers. To get new followers it's harder now than a few years ago. There are no shortcuts to getting a big following on Instagram.

“High engagement is always rewarding. Try to build new relations while you care about them you have. Think of it as if you’re moving to a new city and don’t know anyone, that is very similar to how a new brand on Instagram grows.


Get to know our Instagram friend @playfulmodernkids

In this small series we get to know a bit more about the people behind some of the amazing instagram accounts that we got to know since starting Tellkiddo. This time we hear from Shanlynne Silverstre from Nashville who has the most inspiring account called @playfulmodernkids I always love how she dresses her two kiddos and how she takes unique pictures of their life. 

Who makes you a parent?

My two crazy kiddos Adonay (age 5) and Adonis ( age 2 ) and on some occasions, my husband (age 23) the main reason for my gray hairs.

How has parenthood changed your home?
Parenthood has changed not just my home but everything about myself and my lifestyle.  I was 19 years old when I had my first son Adonay , but ever since then my husband and I knew we had to change our ways . If we didn’t have our two kiddos so early, I don’t think we would ever have a home (my husband and I were on horrible paths when we were younger) so having kids helped us mature and have an actual “home”.

What gets you up in the morning? 
I was hoping to say something inspirational, but the truth is my boys wake up everyday at  6- 7am even if they sleep late !! So it’s usually them jumping on me to get up or my husband’s alarm that goes off at 5am (team no sleep)

On a perfect picnic with the kids, what do you bring?
We never had luck on a perfect picnic (it’s either too hot or too cold) but I’ve had many attempts to making a “ perfect picnic “ . I think the setting would have to be the main part, it definitely has to be right next to the sea on a semi chilly morning. For food: a cheese plate, sparkling lemonade, and a ton of fruits! For entertainment: a magazine (for mommy) a kite and bubbles.

Do you have a favorite magazine you like to read?
My favorite magazine would have to be MilK ! But I would love to read a magazine that is diverse with mommies of different nationalities, sizes, and struggles. I feel like magazines aim too much to be perfect and doesn’t show the actual beauty and struggles of motherhood.

Who are the top 3 Instagrammers in your community right now?
@damin_lilly ( I love her color play and how she dresses her little one ! )
@bu.ku.ku ( l love following on her lifestyle and moody captures )
@repose.ams ( In-yeo is such a genuine person and has a deep passion with whatever she creates) 

Thank you so much Shanlynne for letting us get to know you a bit better /Maria


This is what happens when I forget the props on the floor. 


But a nice detail so it can stay on the product pictures I think. 


A creative corner.

In our house we have a rule, one thing in, one thing out. If we give it to charity or to friends, it doesn’t matter, but to not put things on a pile we came up with this idea. But something we stack in big piles is the kiddos art. I have such a hard time throwing out Sam and Michas paintings, they now have a wall in their room (as showed on the pictures) and one wall in the kitchen. I would not say they are amazingly good at painting, really not, it looks like any kids mess, but its something with kiddos drawings overall that makes it so good I think. Cheap art on the walls in this house ;)


Get to know our Instagram friend @hemlikheter

I decided to do get to know a few of our instagram friends a bit more, and first out is
Linnéa Rolfssons

Linnéa, you live in a house from the 80´s in Sweden together with your family.
Who makes you a Mama?

My lovely kids, Ebbe 4,5 years & Elis 1,5 years old.

One day your children are going to grow up and become independent. What is the most important
thing you want them to bring with them?

That they always feel free to be whoever they want to be and to love whomever their heart decides.
That no matter what choices they make in life, they will always be loved. Anything is possible.
To dare to dream. To dare to try. That there will always (ALWAYS!) be a bed and food availble at
our place should they ever need it.

How has parenthood changed your home?

It has certainly become messier since the kids moved in! Besides that our home has become a more important
place in some way. Especially our oldest child is very fond of home and likes it very much. Then it’s easy to
feel the same, and like your home even more, when you notice it’s so important for him. Since we became a
larger family we spend a lot of time at home and then it also becomes more important to create a home were
we feel at home and enjoy spending time.

Inspiration is both fun and important, where do you find your inspiriation?

In the past, I used to read a lot of interior magazines, but nowadays it’s absolutely Instagram that stands for
the inspiration. This time of year I get inspired by going out to big market-gardens to think and scout about
what I want in my garden.

Is there someone on Instagram or Pinterest that inspires you a bit extra right now?

I’m in a period where I want it a bit more calm and minimalistic at home, and then @bloggaibagis and
@elinodnegard are huge sources of inspiration. I’m in love with everything @emmelihultqvist creates.

Thank you so much Linnéa, so lovely to get to know you a bit more /Maria

Say Hello to a vibrant color story palette, on a visit this spring 2018.

Limited edition

Fabric bag Small Doctor

Fabric Bag Big Toys - Blue

Fabric bag Big Car Track



Avocado DIY

Yes a bit crazy, but so easy and fun. I could not imagine that avocado could give this beautiful dusty pink color. I am in love, and the boys now got a new bag for their dirty clothes, made some for you as well under the section “one of a kind” on the site, big and small 🥑 Here some pictures of the small one. 

Easy Dough

Today has been looong, both kiddos have been home with a cold, so we made this easy dough. In Sweden we call it "trolldeg", we had all the ingredients at home: 

4 dl flour
2 dl water
2 dl salt
2 tablespoon oil

News are coming to Tellkiddo

Inspired by our kiddos play, we will soon roll out our new designs together with a completely new storage solution. 

Here are two of the new designs, BOOKS as voted for on Instagram (best community ever) and the big bag PLAY. 
Both are created with our own drawn playful bold font. 




Birthday coming up - DIY

Sam is soon 4 years old, when he was around 6 months, Tellkiddo was born so that means that Tellkiddo is soon also 4 years old. Times fly and it's amazing how much these years has changed our life. We moved to a slow living lifestyle away from the stressful main city two years ago (even if I can miss it sometimes) it feels right now like the right thing to give our kids. But this move has also been a big sacrifice as we don't see our friends so much any more even if many of them come and visit us during the summer, its not the same thing on a Saturday evening like this when we used to hang out with our friends. But to see the kids run around in our garden, building snow castles, it confirms that this is the place we should be right now. 

Today Sam and me did birtday cards from his paintings that he made during the year. It became a nostalgic event and so fun to acually do something with the palette of art he has created. I made stensils out of my font and we cut the letters "together".

Update from the boys new room

Somedays I feel that I have not done or accomplished anything, but when I think about it I have done so much anyway, this day is one of those days. Working before lunch in the new office (so nice to have an office nowadays) and after that an inspiring session about e-commerce and social media.

Also today it´s valentines, we dont celebrate this day much in our family, giving love everyday is more important I think, but the boys got a sweet card from their grandma in the post box and some sweet new stuffies came from Main Sauvage for a coming photoshoot with the new Tellkiddo range. 

Both Sam and Micha stole the stuffed cuties instantly (like always) and now have them as thier babies, if they want to, they will be good parents one day.

I wanted to share some more pictures of the boys room now when the light is fair agian when we come home after kindergarden (finally soon even brighter in Sweden again) but as always the lack of sun was a bit hard on me. But here you have a photobomb of thier new bedroom with more details.

I´m so inlove with the boys colletion of stuffed animals, from BigStuffedMain Sauvage, LuckyBoySunday and Lauvely all small designers like me. Friends I have made via fairs and Instagram. I love supporting my friends and thier businesses, we all should support small if we can.
Our beddings you can find here


Micha reading for the new babies and he is all into big trucks so no other book then the one about cars and machines of course. 

We have a few art pieces in the room, one from a (soon) well known my friend Ullrika who sells at Beton and one from Emilia Ilke 
And all the storage we can't live without, the ABC i designed is now Sams favorite, starting to identify all the letters makes my heart warm, they can use the storage in multiple ways. 

So the light started to fade and it was time to start the evening routine.
Thank you for reading all the way down here. 

Happy Valentines

Writing this from the car driving home from visiting family in south of Sweden (I´m not the one driving ;). Anyhow, I together with Sam did some valentine cards this morning while waiting on the cousins to arraive. Tiny hands are the cutest and found this idea over at Lobster and Swan who was inspired by Katryn Zaremba. Sam thought it was a fun idea as he always want me to trace his hand on a paper for him to color later. So pen, papers and some clue made this easy cards for him to give to those he loves.

Happy Valentines!

Room makeover and a box bed

As the winters are so long in Sweden and the sun disappears already at 3pm, we decided to do a makeover of the boys room, take away my beloved dark blue wallpaper and do a lighter room. We are not totally done with the room yet ( I don´t ever get that feeling in any room of the house, we change stuff all the time, to the joy of my husband...). But now its more or less done, stlll having that clean and new feeling. You know, before the invasion of chaos and mayhem (Sam and Micha).

So bye bye blue wall: 

The paint we used is from Auro, an ecological paint, containg no chemicals what so ever, does not smell anything and doesn't contain any plastic. It gives a nice matt look and it was so fun that the boys could help me paint without having the feeling they breathe in harmful substances. I can really recomend Auro.

We picked some spring colors, Micha is painting the blue wall with Light Patricia and Sam is painting with Sidenväveriet and thier sweather is an old t-shirt I cut open in the back with a scissor. Im very happy about the paint result, the room got that calm feeling I wanted. And the wall with the color sidenväveriet changes color depending on how the light comes into the room during the day. Like this: 



The Box Beds 
We wanted to optimize the space in the room by having smaller beds along one wall, I could not find any on the market with the right size and look so I decided to build them instead (Thank you dad and Jossi for the help, could not have done this without you). The boys really love thier new beds. We used 12 mm plywood and another "cheaper" MDF for the base. And the wheels are perfect to move the beds when it's time to clean the floor or just want to move them in the room. We bought mattresses and cut them to fit the bed. 

See instructions on how we built the beds. I have not included the size in the instruction as we did the beds to fit the size of the room and not standard beds, but ours are 148 cm long and 90 cm wide, and what I understand a child up to 7 years can sleep in that size.

On the other side of the room we need to fix a lamp, a rug and the prints need to come up on the wall, made by my friend Ulrika. We will also build a small table so the boys have a space where they can sit and create small art pieces.

And don´t worry, all the toys now live in Michas old room instead, like a play room. So that thier bedroom will be a calm and relaxing place for them, not to much toys and stuff, more books and stuffed cuties.

And I have to tell you about my special find, I love when companies really make a difference and manage to do beautiful products. I found this company called Ecobirdy, on thier Instagram thier furniture are well presented. Basically they collect old plastic toys and remake them into furniture. And no harmful chemicals are left, only a well made piece of interior, so smart. I´m so in love with this little chair. 

Hope you enjoyed this little summary of the the room so far. 

Happy weekend.