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Birthday coming up

Our youngest son turns 4 next week. And when everyone is prepping for the holidays we are prepping for party. As we just moved it will be family and a few friends coming.

Instead of candy bags the kids get when they go, I made a cardboard cake, inspired by a Japanese bakery. 

I will admit, it was not super easy to get the shape on the cake but after some trail and error I think it turned out ok. First I used glue to put the pieces togheter but after a while with to much mess I used tape. 

All painted with Acrylic paint.

We will fill them with: eco balloons, lego figures I found at a flea market,  a bracelet his brother made and it will probably be some sweets in there as well. 

Climate Friendly DIY

So happy I found this easy DIY a few years ago. Every year, when the leafs get magic colors in the autumn. We pick them and cut them in shape before they dry into these spooky creatures. 

Easy autumn DIY.


Summer Dream

New little baby journal

One of my friends got a baby recently and I have wanted to extend my hello baby print for a long time. And what better way to do it, than as a small A5 book. The inspiration comes from when we had our babies in the house and I got these kind of books as presents, big books with many questions to answer but so little time to fill them in, and not to mention when we got our second baby, no time at all to write things down. And when I found time (like on the buss when finally our baby was sleeping) I did not have the book with me. This little book I designed to fit in any nursery bag, for those quick notes and memories. From birth details to first time things.

Find it here