Build a business via Instagram - 8 tips

This small advice below is from an intervew I did a few weeks back. It's 8 small tips about social media and how to get started if you like to build your business with the help of Instagram. Its very basic and mainly for beginners. The Swedish version you can find here

Tellkiddo started 2014, with a strong motivation to change life style. Its been a big change and all focused on our little family, those of you following us on Instagram and have done so since start know what I'm talking about. We still work many hours a day but the structure is different now. We changed it from working many hours a day and seeing our kids just a few hours to now having family in the center of our life and work comes on second place and not the other way around, breiefly illustrated in this picture.

1 - Be unique 
Presence on Instagram is built on frequency, with new posts everyday. To be able to maintain the proper presence you need to build your brand around an imagery that you really like and enjoy working with.

“We have built a very personal style, with pictures taken from our house. You should be able to feel that there are actual people behind our account but we also mix it with photos of our lovely consumers spaces”

2. Algorithm
Only post the best and most relevant to your target group to get a high engagement and to make the algorithm increase your reach on your post. Earlier, a picture would live for around 70minutes, now with the updated algorithm, a post can live for up to 6 days.

“This makes that our content live longer. If you wish your followers a good morning and they see it at 6pm, it’s not relevant anymore, so aim for content that isn’t old after a day. And remember the algorithem changes all time. Instagram is testing it to optimize the experiense for us. It might not be the same version I see on instagram that my frinds sees. Its called A/B testing.”

3. Be consistent
Set a strategy for the content of your posts – and how often they should be published. Then stick to this strategy. If you post 3 times a day, then you should stick to that pace.

“Your followers should like you for who you are, and will later expect you to be like that”

4. Find your own strategy
Post your images when your followers are active on the platform, it’s possible to see these statistics if you have a company profile. Instagram is a community built on our social interactions with each other.

“You don’t have to be afraid to spam with posts as not all your followers will see the content. Try your way forward, if you notice that you lose followers if you post 3 times per day, try posting less, maybe every other day. Find your own strategy that works for you"

5. Good images 
Instagram is of course about the images. Mobile cameras are nowadays so good that they make the cut.

“We have taken a more personal way, instead of just showing the product as it is, we show different rooms and situations in our life."

6. Hashtags
Hashtags can carry an enormous power, so follow the trends within your category. Find the right hashtag and use them to raise your posts.

“also use a hashtag for your own brand, we have and use #Tellkiddo, which enables the customers to tag their images with our products”

 “earlier you should have had 30 hashtags in the first comment, but now it’s all about relevant posts and finding creative hashtags that support your business. Write them integrated in your image text, to be able to benefit from the follow # feature"

7. Cooperate
Many subcultures on Instagram have tight networks containing engaged creative people and followers. Get to know them, by for example starting to comment on their posts.

“Cooperate with another company or person that you feel does something good.”

8. Increase your account

Instagram algorithm has become more like Facebooks. All posts are not shown to all followers. To get new followers it's harder now than a few years ago. There are no shortcuts to getting a big following on Instagram.

“High engagement is always rewarding. Try to build new relations while you care about them you have. Think of it as if you’re moving to a new city and don’t know anyone, that is very similar to how a new brand on Instagram grows.



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