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Update from the boys new room

Somedays I feel that I have not done or accomplished anything, but when I think about it I have done so much anyway, this day is one of those days. Working before lunch in the new office (so nice to have an office nowadays) and after that an inspiring session about e-commerce and social media.

Also today it´s valentines, we dont celebrate this day much in our family, giving love everyday is more important I think, but the boys got a sweet card from their grandma in the post box and some sweet new stuffies came from Main Sauvage for a coming photoshoot with the new Tellkiddo range. 

Both Sam and Micha stole the stuffed cuties instantly (like always) and now have them as thier babies, if they want to, they will be good parents one day.

I wanted to share some more pictures of the boys room now when the light is fair agian when we come home after kindergarden (finally soon even brighter in Sweden again) but as always the lack of sun was a bit hard on me. But here you have a photobomb of thier new bedroom with more details.

I´m so inlove with the boys colletion of stuffed animals, from BigStuffedMain Sauvage, LuckyBoySunday and Lauvely all small designers like me. Friends I have made via fairs and Instagram. I love supporting my friends and thier businesses, we all should support small if we can.
Our beddings you can find here


Micha reading for the new babies and he is all into big trucks so no other book then the one about cars and machines of course. 

We have a few art pieces in the room, one from a (soon) well known my friend Ullrika who sells at Beton and one from Emilia Ilke 
And all the storage we can't live without, the ABC i designed is now Sams favorite, starting to identify all the letters makes my heart warm, they can use the storage in multiple ways. 

So the light started to fade and it was time to start the evening routine.
Thank you for reading all the way down here. 

Happy Valentines

Writing this from the car driving home from visiting family in south of Sweden (I´m not the one driving ;). Anyhow, I together with Sam did some valentine cards this morning while waiting on the cousins to arraive. Tiny hands are the cutest and found this idea over at Lobster and Swan who was inspired by Katryn Zaremba. Sam thought it was a fun idea as he always want me to trace his hand on a paper for him to color later. So pen, papers and some clue made this easy cards for him to give to those he loves.

Happy Valentines!