Cardboard Animals DIY

Perfect sunday DIY, environment friendly with only stuff you have at home and recycled cardboard.You need:Cardboard (I used an old shoe box)PencilsPaint (you dont need to paint if you dont want to)ScissorGlueI prepared the pieces this morning, as our kids don't have that level of patience yet, to cut, paint, wait and then create the animals. They just had to do the last part which was perfect for them, create imaginary animals. Above is one of the bears we createdPieces cut out from an old shoe box then painted.Noses, eyes, ears and smaller…

Paper Birds - DIY

Thought I was going to give you a small DIY tip, I made this for a photoshoot but it has become one of my favorite decor details in the kidsroom. Took some time to make, but with a little help of Youtube, how to fold the birds, it was pretty simple to make many. I used colors of the paper I tought would match together and it turned our pretty well. Here are some pictures from when we made them, used in this seasons photoshoot but also in the boys bedroom as a small detail. /Maria

Birthday prep

It´s time to prep for birthday in this house again. I don´t remember where I found this treasury idea, but a combination with birthday celebration this feels so right as birthday invitations for our friends far away. Hope you also like it./Maria


Hi, Where to begin? First blog post...I guess you found your way to our site via some sort of social media, so maybe you already know a bit about me and Tellkiddo or maybe you just got the awareness we exist and like to know a bit more, either way you are very welcome.My name is Maria Sabbah, I started Tellkiddo 2014 during my first maternity leave. From the early stage at building our business I decided to do it transparent, meaning we share a lot of what we do via Instagram, on @tellkiddo and on our new account @tell.mariasabbah where we shar…