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Brand: hvid.
From: Belgium
By: Caroline

Little about: hvid.
When the Danish speak of hvid, they speak of the purest colour of all: white. A colour as fresh as snow and as soft as milk. Every design has been first made in pure white. By doing so we are able to create the finest subtleties in the pattern and the perfect weight to have a balanced result.

Why did you start your brand? My search for warmth and softness brought me to the creation of these delicate textiles that can comfort you in so many ways. My goal is to support honest-made quality, made by craftsmen in Belgium. Wool is comforting and can last a lifetime.

What is your inspiration? As long as I remember I’m under the spell of mathematical shapes. I always work with repetitive shapes in my designs for hvid. Repetition gives me inner peace. I try to create designs that are sensitive and timeless.

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