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Varumärke: These Little Treasures
Från: Australien
Av: Dainy Sawatzky

Little about "These Little Treasures"
The first 'Lola' doll was created as a celebration of the founder Dainy´s new life in the country, she tells us: - as I had previously been in the hustle and bustle of the city of Melbourne, working in the fashion industry. My move to the coast happened after I sold my fashion business (of 14 years) and I wanted to create something for my daughters (Scout Lola) Christmas present that represented my new found time being a 'mum' and my rekindled passion with hand craft. I also was wanted her to have something made by me that she would treasure forever. It was never intended to start off a business, but many of her friends started requesting a 'Lola' doll when they saw hers, and so the business began!

My inspiration comes from my own childhood, my daughter's childhood and my background in the textiles/fashion industry. I want to create dolls that are practical for children to play with, sparking their imagination, whilst being aesthetically beautiful, 'innocent' and whimsical.

Denna produkt är en del av vår satsning "Independent Brands United", Läs mer om IBU kampanjen på bloggen.
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