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Family Plates - DIY

If we can’t come to the family dinner, we make sure the family are present at the table anyway.

Found some small withe plates at a flea market and bought a porcelain pencil from the craft store.



The boys painted portraits of our whole family. Air dried for 4 hours then drying in the oven on 160 °C for 30 minutes.
Perfect holiday present for our family members that we miss so much during this time. 


Happy holidays! 

One for One

You buy one we give one.

All orders we get from Europe we will mirror and send an identical order to one of your friends in quarantine. It’s as tough for us then for any other small brand today but instead of sharing discount we think this is more fun and inclusive. Social distancing doesn’t mean we will stop caring for our friends right, 3 easy steps:

1: order what you like to yourself on

2: send us an email with your order confirmation number and the address you like to send an identical order to, email

3: we cover the costs for that order and the freight cost to your friend.

4: Everyone becomes a bit happier 🥰

Campaign only runs in Europe due to the taxes.



We are home, coloring a lot...

Download some of ours here if you'd like!

Stay safe everyone!