Birthday coming up - DIY

Sam is soon 4 years old, when he was around 6 months, Tellkiddo was born so that means that Tellkiddo is soon also 4 years old. Times fly and it's amazing how much these years has changed our life. We moved to a slow living lifestyle away from the stressful main city two years ago (even if I can miss it sometimes) it feels right now like the right thing to give our kids. But this move has also been a big sacrifice as we don't see our friends so much any more even if many of them come and visit us during the summer, its not the same thing on a Saturday evening like this when we used to hang out with our friends. But to see the kids run around in our garden, building snow castles, it confirms that this is the place we should be right now. 

Today Sam and me did birtday cards from his paintings that he made during the year. It became a nostalgic event and so fun to acually do something with the palette of art he has created. I made stensils out of my font and we cut the letters "together".

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Maria3 år sedan
Thank you so much, always have a struggle to just put them in the trash so this way was more fun :)
Madre_y_hijo3 år sedan
Love that you used his art work. Very precious. ❤️