Get to know our Instagram friend @playfulmodernkids

In this small series we get to know a bit more about the people behind some of the amazing instagram accounts that we got to know since starting Tellkiddo. This time we hear from Shanlynne Silverstre from Nashville who has the most inspiring account called @playfulmodernkids I always love how she dresses her two kiddos and how she takes unique pictures of their life. 

Who makes you a parent?

My two crazy kiddos Adonay (age 5) and Adonis ( age 2 ) and on some occasions, my husband (age 23) the main reason for my gray hairs.

How has parenthood changed your home?
Parenthood has changed not just my home but everything about myself and my lifestyle.  I was 19 years old when I had my first son Adonay , but ever since then my husband and I knew we had to change our ways . If we didn’t have our two kiddos so early, I don’t think we would ever have a home (my husband and I were on horrible paths when we were younger) so having kids helped us mature and have an actual “home”.

What gets you up in the morning? 
I was hoping to say something inspirational, but the truth is my boys wake up everyday at  6- 7am even if they sleep late !! So it’s usually them jumping on me to get up or my husband’s alarm that goes off at 5am (team no sleep)

On a perfect picnic with the kids, what do you bring?
We never had luck on a perfect picnic (it’s either too hot or too cold) but I’ve had many attempts to making a “ perfect picnic “ . I think the setting would have to be the main part, it definitely has to be right next to the sea on a semi chilly morning. For food: a cheese plate, sparkling lemonade, and a ton of fruits! For entertainment: a magazine (for mommy) a kite and bubbles.

Do you have a favorite magazine you like to read?
My favorite magazine would have to be MilK ! But I would love to read a magazine that is diverse with mommies of different nationalities, sizes, and struggles. I feel like magazines aim too much to be perfect and doesn’t show the actual beauty and struggles of motherhood.

Who are the top 3 Instagrammers in your community right now?
@damin_lilly ( I love her color play and how she dresses her little one ! )
@bu.ku.ku ( l love following on her lifestyle and moody captures )
@repose.ams ( In-yeo is such a genuine person and has a deep passion with whatever she creates) 

Thank you so much Shanlynne for letting us get to know you a bit better /Maria

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