Get to know our Instagram friend @hemlikheter

I decided to do get to know a few of our instagram friends a bit more, and first out is
Linnéa Rolfssons

Linnéa, you live in a house from the 80´s in Sweden together with your family.
Who makes you a Mama?

My lovely kids, Ebbe 4,5 years & Elis 1,5 years old.

One day your children are going to grow up and become independent. What is the most important
thing you want them to bring with them?

That they always feel free to be whoever they want to be and to love whomever their heart decides.
That no matter what choices they make in life, they will always be loved. Anything is possible.
To dare to dream. To dare to try. That there will always (ALWAYS!) be a bed and food availble at
our place should they ever need it.

How has parenthood changed your home?

It has certainly become messier since the kids moved in! Besides that our home has become a more important
place in some way. Especially our oldest child is very fond of home and likes it very much. Then it’s easy to
feel the same, and like your home even more, when you notice it’s so important for him. Since we became a
larger family we spend a lot of time at home and then it also becomes more important to create a home were
we feel at home and enjoy spending time.

Inspiration is both fun and important, where do you find your inspiriation?

In the past, I used to read a lot of interior magazines, but nowadays it’s absolutely Instagram that stands for
the inspiration. This time of year I get inspired by going out to big market-gardens to think and scout about
what I want in my garden.

Is there someone on Instagram or Pinterest that inspires you a bit extra right now?

I’m in a period where I want it a bit more calm and minimalistic at home, and then @bloggaibagis and
@elinodnegard are huge sources of inspiration. I’m in love with everything @emmelihultqvist creates.

Thank you so much Linnéa, so lovely to get to know you a bit more /Maria

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