Get to know our Instagram friend @petiteslunes

Third one out in this small interview series, we get to know Emilie from Montreal who has a good eye to interior and color combinations. Check out her instagram account here @petiteslunes and get to know her a little bit more here below. 

Who makes you a parent?

Charlotte my eldest daughter soon to be 5 years old and the little latest Odette who's 18 months.

Tell us about your home? What makes it a home you think?
We got our first house five years ago, a little 60's bungalow in the suburbs. It's slowly taking form in the vision we had when we first entered it, but interior design isn't what makes it a home. The fact that we became a family here to two incredible kids and of course our pets make it a home forever.

Do you have a favorite room in the house? What makes it so special? 

I don't actually. We needed to adjust our living space so much in the last five years that I feel like we have no finished room, if a room can be. My daughters bedroom is probably where I feel the most relaxed, among the toys explosion.

Now when the second season of “The handmaids tail” has launched with one episode per week, training our patience. Any other favorite streaming series you have at the moment?
We don't really have time to really follow a TV serie these days but I can't wait for the next season of Walking Dead (me and my zombies).

Who are the top 3 Instagrammers in your community right now?
Right now, I don't want to look like a stalker but I really get inspiration from @finelittleday, @swantjeundfrieda, @minimockspetra & @bloggaibagis. They are all such an inspiration for me on a daily basis.

Thank you so much Emlilie for letting us get to know you a bit better /Maria

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