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Happy Holidays

Inspiration: @billie_and_I
Film By: @rumblewoood

Advent Calendar DIY 3 - Gingerbread Camel

Our kids L O V E ginger bread. So we decided to make some in 3D this year. 
If you like to get the pattern for the gingerbread camel, email us and we will send you the pattern. 




Advent Calendar DIY 2 - Cards

This weekend we told the kids that father Christmas has given them a mission to paint cards for all the holiday gifts. So that he knows to whom all the gifts are for. 

We made it very simple, had some colored paper at home and a lot of paint. 

Special Delivery - a small Christmas story

Fotos by Ulrika Nihlén

Find the bag here  Special Delivery 

To get your order before Christmas order before:
Sweden 17/12
Worldwide 13/12