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Where to begin? First blog post...

I guess you found your way to our site via some sort of social media, so maybe you already know a bit about me and Tellkiddo or maybe you just got the awareness we exist and like to know a bit more, either way you are very welcome.

My name is Maria Sabbah, I started Tellkiddo 2014 during my first maternity leave. From the early stage at building our business I decided to do it transparent, meaning we share a lot of what we do via Instagram, on @tellkiddo and on our new account @tell.mariasabbah where we share a bit more about us.

Some basics about me/us: I live together with my husband, two kiddos and two cats. We live in a house in Sweden on an island called Gotland.

We are traveling a lot to Stockholm in work, but finds it very interesting to be able to run a global company via a small place like Gotland. As we are a family company we love to have the opportunity to be closer to nature now when our kids are small and don’t have the need of a main city.

The inspiration for Tellkiddo comes from our kids, Sam and Micha.



Founder Tellkiddo