Independent Brands United - Starts soon

We have now selected the brands we will work with for this period of "Independent Brands United" We can't wait to present them for you. One by one the brands will be presented on Instagram and on our site, you have a brand and missed this opportunity, don't be sad, if this turnds out well, we will do this again later this autumn. Keep an eye out on our Instagram where we often present campaigns and what we are up to. All the bestMariaFounder Tellkiddo

Independent Brands United

Hi, If you found your way here you are probably an independent brand just like we are. First, congratulations for taking the step and for your success this far. Now let’s help each other. Why are we doing this? We were so welcomed when we started 2,5 years ago in social media by bigger brands. And this is our way to give back, especially now when it’s harder for brands to grow in social media its important we stick together. So now we want to create a platform to give smaller/medium sized companies a chance to be showed to over 100…


Hi, Where to begin? First blog post...I guess you found your way to our site via some sort of social media, so maybe you already know a bit about me and Tellkiddo or maybe you just got the awareness we exist and like to know a bit more, either way you are very welcome.My name is Maria Sabbah, I started Tellkiddo 2014 during my first maternity leave. From the early stage at building our business I decided to do it transparent, meaning we share a lot of what we do via Instagram, on @tellkiddo and on our new account @tell.mariasabbah where we shar…