We together can improve the lives of famailies with severely ill children.

Last year me and Catrin (owner of the charity company called Idyllien) had a coffee together and realized quickly it would be fun to do a collaboration together as we share the same values. So we teamed up, and created an idea for Tellkiddo together with Idyllien for this important project we call "Keep them close"

Our hearts pound for this project and we are so proud to have the opportunity to do something that matters a bit more. 

This LUMME bag is a part of the charity project Idyllienhoppet focusing on improving the lives of families with severely ill children and their long periods in the hospital. 

When you purchase the LUMME bag you contribute 10 Euro for further projects improving the lives of families with severely ill children and their long periods in the hospital. 

We only have a few bags, to preorder sign up with your email and we will let you know first when the bag is launched. 

We hope you like the bag and our initiative in this project as much as we do. 

Lumme Tellkiddo

Lumme Tellkiddo

Family Plates - DIY

If we can’t come to the family dinner, we make sure the family are present at the table anyway.

Found some small withe plates at a flea market and bought a porcelain pencil from the craft store.



The boys painted portraits of our whole family. Air dried for 4 hours then drying in the oven on 160 °C for 30 minutes.
Perfect holiday present for our family members that we miss so much during this time. 


Happy holidays! 

One for One

You buy one we give one.

All orders we get from Europe we will mirror and send an identical order to one of your friends in quarantine. It’s as tough for us then for any other small brand today but instead of sharing discount we think this is more fun and inclusive. Social distancing doesn’t mean we will stop caring for our friends right, 3 easy steps:

1: order what you like to yourself on

2: send us an email with your order confirmation number and the address you like to send an identical order to, email

3: we cover the costs for that order and the freight cost to your friend.

4: Everyone becomes a bit happier 🥰

Campaign only runs in Europe due to the taxes.



We are home, coloring a lot...

Download some of ours here if you'd like!

Stay safe everyone! 

Birthday coming up

Our youngest son turns 4 next week. And when everyone is prepping for the holidays we are prepping for party. As we just moved it will be family and a few friends coming.

Instead of candy bags the kids get when they go, I made a cardboard cake, inspired by a Japanese bakery. 

I will admit, it was not super easy to get the shape on the cake but after some trail and error I think it turned out ok. First I used glue to put the pieces togheter but after a while with to much mess I used tape. 

All painted with Acrylic paint.

We will fill them with: eco balloons, lego figures I found at a flea market,  a bracelet his brother made and it will probably be some sweets in there as well. 

Climate Friendly DIY

So happy I found this easy DIY a few years ago. Every year, when the leafs get magic colors in the autumn. We pick them and cut them in shape before they dry into these spooky creatures. 

Easy autumn DIY.


Summer Dream

New little baby journal

One of my friends got a baby recently and I have wanted to extend my hello baby print for a long time. And what better way to do it, than as a small A5 book. The inspiration comes from when we had our babies in the house and I got these kind of books as presents, big books with many questions to answer but so little time to fill them in, and not to mention when we got our second baby, no time at all to write things down. And when I found time (like on the buss when finally our baby was sleeping) I did not have the book with me. This little book I designed to fit in any nursery bag, for those quick notes and memories. From birth details to first time things.

Find it here

Happy Holidays

Inspiration: @billie_and_I
Film By: @rumblewoood

Advent Calendar DIY 3 - Gingerbread Camel

Our kids L O V E ginger bread. So we decided to make some in 3D this year. 
If you like to get the pattern for the gingerbread camel, email us and we will send you the pattern. 




Advent Calendar DIY 2 - Cards

This weekend we told the kids that father Christmas has given them a mission to paint cards for all the holiday gifts. So that he knows to whom all the gifts are for. 

We made it very simple, had some colored paper at home and a lot of paint. 

Special Delivery - a small Christmas story

Fotos by Ulrika Nihlén

Find the bag here  Special Delivery 

To get your order before Christmas order before:
Sweden 17/12
Worldwide 13/12

Advent Calendar DIY 1 - Girland or a Skaleton

It was harder than I thought to prepare for this advent calendar, a DIY for every weekend up until christmas, only using things we have at home and making it so interesting that the kiddos really are excited and want to sit down and create was not an easy task.

So for this weekend I have collected supplies from nature, dried some oranges, rose hip, walnuts, pine cones and some green leafs from the garden. I will prepare them to do girlands but I think I need to make it a bit more interesting, so I will also take a paper and sketch the contur of a skeleton so they can take all the natural supplies and glue thier own skeleton. 

I'm so looking forward to making this with the kiddos, to see if they acutally like these craft ideas or if it will end with me sitting and making girlands and skeletons :)

Had to test the girland idea before (also to have a picture to illustrate this text) so here is my idea of a natural girland for christmas. 


Together with some favorite independent brands we unite for some thing better.
We need to consume smarter and with #consumatters we hope to make the world a better place:






We stand up for the world’s most important people – our kids! On Black Friday we will raise the price
on limited products and give 50% of the proceeds to support children around the world who needs
love and attention, all stores has chosen their specific organisations to support this weekend.

50% of the proceeds goes to UNICEF, so we both give, Tellkiddo and you.
Offers available Friday 23/11- Monday 26/11. Buy, give, love. 

Buy, give, love. 

Thank you! 

Photo: @emmajonssondysell
Copy:  @bjornbertoft


Advent Calendar

Planning for December. Last year we bought blocks for the kids from the kids got one block each day and on the last day they had so many they could build a castle. 

This year we will do four activity bags for each advent weekend. And use things we have at home to play around with. 
Before each weekend I will show you what we will use as crafts for the kids here on the blog. 

To get your activity bags before the first advent weekend, please make sure you order them before 24/11. 

Find them here