A new family member

Last week, just in the most stressful time of the year for us small business owners, Micha entered the world 5 weeks earlier than expected.

We are now home and are enjoying the struggle with two small kids in the house, waking each other up during the night. Making mum and dad run around the house like crazy people trying to solve their needs. But the main thing is that Sam (now big brother) is so proud of his tiny baby brother, showing all his toys and want Micha to be around him when he plays.

Pure brother love!

Just two days before Micha came we photographed his new nursery, not knowing who he was yet, Siri from Bror Duktig , got the mission to style a new nursery.  We had so much fun planning this room together and here is the result.
Photo by Ulrika Nihlén from The Kiddo Collective


Tellkiddo1Light “We ♡ Kiddos: Seletti
Bed: Stokke
Dino flower: Desertdino
Blanket: Garbo and Friends
Bedding: Tellkiddo (coming soon)

Tellkiddo3Wallpaper: Anewall
Paper storage bag: Tellkiddo
Origami and pillow: Skrå Design
Blanket: Garbo and Friends
Cradle: Stokke
Hanger and Lamp: Annika Almborg 

Tellkiddo4Dino flower: Desertdino
Paper storage bag: Tellkiddo 
Mini back pack: Blafre
Drawer: Stokke
Hanger: Annika Almborg
Baby bottles: Garbo and Friends

Tellkiddo2Hanger: Gedigo
Storage bags: Tellkiddo
Bed and Cradle: Stokke
Little dress: The Tiny Universe
Baby Sleepsuit: The Sleepy Collection